Beating the heat during training

Beating the heat during training

As we move into summer all of us are experiencing the effects of heat. 

It's a ruthless, unrelenting part of training. With a few tips and tricks though you can still have successful sessions in the heat. 

The most important part of training in the heat is slowing down. The faster your body moves the more heat you generate. So as the temperatures rise, let your paces lower. It's ok, you are still getting good training! 

Stash ice in a cooler along your route, or make small loops near your home or car. Putting ice down your kit (top and bottoms) will help keep you cool, especially if you can get your core temperature down. It make a huge difference. 

The obvious one is to get out early or late at night to avoid the hotter parts of the day. Be cautious of late night sessions though, as the rise in activity and body temperature may affect how well you sleep. And getting good recovery (i.e. sleeping well) is crucial after a hot workout. 

Never go further than you can carry water. The heat is no joke and will wreck you before you even realize it, so back to the small loops, keep your training close to a water source. 

These are just a few heat training tips that have worked well for us. 

What about you? What tips do you have?

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