Caffeine and Triathlon

Caffeine and Triathlon

Yes, coffee, the liquid of life could help you perform better!

Or even a tea, red bull or that 5 hour energy!

Caffeine can be another fantastic tool in your tool belt to aid you in both racing and training. I'm not saying it should be used all the time, but it's definitely a great, easy supplement. 

Whether it's preparing for an early morning session, or in a race, give the caffeine about 20 minutes to get into your system. That's about the time most people will begin to feel the effects. 

The important thing to remember is caffeine is a tool, and learning to implement it can increase performance. Over use it and it loses some of it's effect. 

If you really want to see how caffeine impacts your racing and training, stay off it for about 2-3 weeks, then bring it back into your diet for full effect. 

What is your go-to caffeine drink?

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