How to run faster

How to run faster

There are two types of triathletes in this world...

One kind says, "I just have to make it to the run." 
The other says, "I just have to make it through the run." 

No matter which type you are, here's a quick tip we've discovered to help you run faster.

Be the kite
Imagine you have a string tied to the very top of your head and another tied to your waist. Now tie the ends of those strings together to make a triangle. (Your body is now a kite!) ▶︎

As you run, you want to imagine someone is pulling the forward triangle point directly parallel with the road. The triangle should point should never be pointed toward the ground or the sky.

A lot of times when running we hear "lean forward" but this can cause many people to collapse at the core. (Triangle pointed to the ground.) Or we hear "run with your head up," causing an awkward backward lean. (Triangle pointed to the sky.)

Keeping equal tension on both the "head string" and the "waist string" will pull your entire upper body forward, giving you the actual lean you want!

This is one of our most recently discovered tricks and it's made a huge difference in our run. 

What's a good running cue you've recently learned?

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