Triathlon Simplified

What information you should have on your watch face. The best answer is to have the data you’ll be using and the data you understand

If won’t be using it, you don’t need it. 

If you don’t understand it, you definitely don’t need it.

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Will these numbers give you your exact time? Probably not because it’s not taking into account how well you do fueling and hydrating, how choppy the water may be, how wind will affect you on the bike and a thousand other factors. 

But this will at least give you an idea of where you could fall time wise and when your family and friends can expect to see you to be ready to cheer!

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Increasing your cadence is one of the quickest and easiest ways to gain some speed while running.

It'll feel fairly unnatural if you have a slow cadence by default, but as you keep your cadence high your body will become more efficient at a higher cadence.

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