Triathlon Simplified

Temperatures dropping can also mean a drop in motivation. 

You pull up your weather app and it reads 30º, all you can think about is crawling back under the covers and sleeping for the hour you had planned to run. 

Here are some things we do to beat the cold and know they can be beneficial to you as well!

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As the weather turns and fewer races are on the schedule it’s really easy to fall into a Netflix and “bulk” season. 

Then when it’s time to prepare for your first race you feel like you’ve never trained a day in your life. 

So what are some ways to optimize your off season? Let’s look at some options!

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What information you should have on your watch face. The best answer is to have the data you’ll be using and the data you understand

If won’t be using it, you don’t need it. 

If you don’t understand it, you definitely don’t need it.

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What do you usually fill your off season with? A crazy amount of time pedaling indoors on the trainer? A winter marathon? Most triathletes I know definitely aren’t swimming unless they have to!

There are a lot of ways to approach the winter months and we want to throw one more into the mix you may have not considered. 


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Increasing your cadence is one of the quickest and easiest ways to gain some speed while running.

It'll feel fairly unnatural if you have a slow cadence by default, but as you keep your cadence high your body will become more efficient at a higher cadence.

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