Three tips to help you nail every session

Three tips to help you nail every session

We all struggle with pressure going into a session, especially those weekend workouts that seem to be the most valuable ones of the week. 

How do we get past the stress of feeling like we have to perform perfectly, whether for a big weekend session or a mid-week workout? 

We're going to use a quote from a rather well known personality... Adele.

Trust the process. Keep in mind that one workout will not make or break you. You cannot judge past or future performance on a single session. What's more important is to take a holistic look at your training. What you've done, what you are going to do, and in putting those pieces together you can rest in the fact you will arrive at the start line with confidence. 

Go with your gut. Too many athletes look at their training calendar and see a specific workout and think, "I have to do exactly that workout." Sometimes the body (or mind) will say no. And sometimes you'll hear a "yes and more!" Whatever it may be saying, just be sure you listen. 

Cheer up. We talked about this a bit last week, but always remember your mood can greatly affect your training sessions. If you are stressed about a session take a deep breath, think about how grateful you are to be able to do what you do, then get it done with a smile. 

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