What a great triathlon coach does

What a great triathlon coach does

There are a few things you want your coach to do when you hire them... 

You want them to ask you about your goals.
You want them to ask you about races you would like to do.
And of course, you want them to write you a plan to arrive at the start line of those races ready to crush it. 

These are all pre-requisites for coaching. I believe, what takes a coach from good to great isn't just them telling you what to do, but also telling you what not to do.

As athletes it's really easy to get caught up in what others are doing. Whether it's during training, seeing those Strava posts. Or in a race, watching others zoom past us on the bike. 

You see, any coach worth their salt will tell you to ignore what everyone else is doing.

A great coach will tell you: Don't match that pro's session. Don't do today's workout, you need a rest day. Don't stay on your friend's shoulder during the race. 

Sure, there may be a time for that, but honestly, trying to replicate what someone else does more often than not turns out poorly for you.

Next time you go coach shopping, be sure to ask them, "How often will you tell me not to do something?" and you'll have an idea of if they are the right coach for you. 

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