Where's your head before a session?

Where's your head before a session?

"Where focus goes, energy flows." - Tony Robbins

The last time you absolutely crushed a workout, how did you feel? Pretty great, right? And I'd be willing to bet the high followed you for a while after the workout too. 

In the same way, the last time you were crushed by a workout, if you felt defeated, you probably felt defeated for a while after. 

What if in order to have a good workout all you had to do was tell yourself, "This is going to be a good workout." Now, it might not mean the workout goes exactly as planned but even failed workouts can be good. 

If you are constantly priming your brain with good thoughts, good energy will flow. 
If you are constantly priming your brain with bad thoughts, bad energy will flow. 

It's as simple as that. It may not always be easy, but it is simple.

The next time you begin to feel yourself dreading a session, try throwing on some of your favorite music while you get ready. Focus on the excitement of what you get to do and let that good energy flow. 

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