Why triathletes are the best athletes

Why triathletes are the best athletes

Ok, this can be debated until the end of time. Other sports claim to have the “world's strongest” or the “fittest on earth.”

Which we are fine with. Ultimately we believe it doesn’t matter what sport or activity you do, we want everyone to live a healthy life filled with movement. 

We are quite biased toward triathlon because it’s the sport we fell in love with. So let’s just for a moment talk about how awesome triathlon and triathletes are, with no disregard for the fact there are other great activities out there helping people live healthy lives.  

Stress variation

One of the healthiest ways for the body to adapt is by giving it different stimuli. That is exactly what triathlon is about. Between the three different sports we are doing (with hopefully a strength workout thrown in regularly) we are giving the body lots of different kinds of stress. 

This not only helps the body grow, but it also helps the body recover. Running can be a very aggressive sport on the body due to the pounding. Cycling puts the body in an unnatural position. Swimming just gets plain boring. 

But by mixing up the three sports, implementing 2-3 sessions of each sport every week, we have constant variation allowing the body to recover from the physical and mental impact of the sport before training it again. 

Many sports recommend “cross training” as part of a regular training program, but as triathletes cross training is essentially all we do!

Natural seasons

Many of the “adult sports” seem to be a year-round thing. There is rarely an off-season, but in triathlon we have that built-in. Most races occurring in the late spring through early fall means we can take time off during the winter. 

This time can be used to strengthen weaknesses or completely recover mentally and physically from a long season. It gives an opportunity to focus on other areas of life, restoring balance that might have been lost during heavy training. Like pouring time into your family or building the business you’ve been wanting to start. 

Life Preparedness

One thing we love about triathlon is that it makes us ready for so many different things in life beyond triathlon. 

If we are with family or friends and the kids want to play tag or kick the soccer ball around we know we can do so.

When traveling, if there's an epic hike we’ve been told we “have to do,” we can count on being fit enough to do it comfortably. 

At the lake with friends we have confidence when jumping in the water. 

These are just a few reasons why we think triathletes are the best athletes. In our fully biased opinion. (This is a triathlon blog after all!)

Why do you think triathletes are the best athletes?

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