Triathlon Simplified

When was the last time you gave your bike a good cleaning? 

Never?! That changes this weekend! In order for your bike to work at it's best it needs to be clean.

Pick up sponges and brushes from Walmart and use the shower setting on your hose!

What is a good bike cleaning more than a rain shower with soap

Your bike is now free of all that sweat and road muck, just re-lube the chain and you are ready to rock!

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Here's a quick tip we've discovered to help you run faster.

Be the kite
Imagine you have a string tied to the very top of your head and another tied to your waist and someone is pulling the forward triangle point directly parallel with the road. 

Keeping equal tension on both the "head string" and the "waist string" will pull your entire upper body forward, giving you the actual lean you want!

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Do you need a tri bike?
The simple answer is no, you don't need a tri bike! But a tri bike can be a benefit.

You want to be as aerodynamic as possible. 

Don't kid yourself into thinking a tri bike is the magic fix to running better off the bike. 

When riding with others and drafting definitely stick with the road bike, for both your safety and the safety of those around you. 

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