Triathlon Simplified

We are quite biased toward triathlon because it’s the sport we fell in love with. So let’s just for a moment talk about how awesome triathletes are, with no disregard for the fact there are other great activities out there helping people live healthy lives. 

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When you start thinking about the day of your race you’ll inevitably run into a really big question, “What the heck do I wear?!” 

Here’s our suggestions, in order of preference…

A triathlon suit (a.k.a. tri suit)

A swim suit and shirt

Whatever you can find and are comfortable with

While the right apparel will help you be more comfortable on the day, it’s not a best dressed competition. So just get out there in what you're used to and claim that finish line!

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This is such a hotly debated topic we didn’t even know if we wanted to dip our toe into the ocean of information out there to even attempt to condense it.  But we also know people are looking for answers,...
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Did you know there’s a hidden element to the weather that few people notice but can have an even bigger impact on your training and racing effort level? 

It’s the dew point. So let’s overly simplify a rather complex scientific topic!

Here’s the deal, the higher the dew point the harder it is for water to evaporate. Because when dew point and temperature are closer the air is “thicker” with water.

And what’s the primary cooling mechanism for the body? It’s not just sweating, but the evaporation of sweat off the body. 

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