About Us

We know what it feels like to be disappointed in your triathlon shirt options and not be able to feel stylish in your t-shirts.

If you’re like us, you’ve searched endlessly for just the right shirt. You’ve likely wondered if there was anything out there besides stick figures and cheesy sayings.

We know you want to be a stylish triathlete, and, let’s be honest, it’s messed up that most triathlon shirts look lame.

At Energy Lab Apparel, we get it. We’ve searched online stores countless times for a well-designed triathlon shirt and closed the browser unhappy with anything we’ve found. 

That’s why we’ve put over ten years of design experience into making the perfect shirts for you.

Clean design. Great fit. Super soft for everyday wear.

We didn’t start Energy Lab Apparel because we wanted to make a buck. We started it because we wanted shirts like this. In 2011, when we were new to the sport, we began searching for triathlon inspired shirts, but were always discouraged with what we found. We didn’t want to “tri hard” or “swim bike run repeat.”

We wanted a shirt that made us feel like the confident, strong triathletes we are. We thought, “If we want this, surely someone else does too!” We’ve discovered that across the world, from Canada to South America, Australia to Europe, our triathlon community was looking for something different, and that’s what we provide.

We are triathletes, just like you, and you’ll feel the love of the sport in every design and even in our name that honors the toughest section of the World Championship run course. 

We are committed to providing the highest quality t-shirts so you can stop feeling unsatisfied when you open your drawer to grab a shirt.

We believe triathlon shirt design should be stinkin’ awesome and you deserve more than stick figures and cheesy lines.

Energy Lab Apparel is here to provide you with triathlon inspired shirts so you can be the most stylish triathlete around.

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